Christoph Semken
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Climate change mitigation

“The Marginal Impact of Emission Reductions”
“Demand Responses to Pricing Food Items’ Environmental Externalities: Evidence from a Nationwide Field Experiment” (with Hunt Allcott, Amelie Michalke and Tobias Gaukler)
“Vegetarian*ism: Evidence from 200 Million Home Deliveries” (with Ruben Durante and Milan Quentel)


“Specification analysis for technology use and teenager well-being: statistical validity and a Bayesian proposal” (with David Rossell), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C (Applied Statistics) 71 (5): 1330–55, 2022.

Social preferences

“Altruism under Endowment-Source Uncertainty”

Pre-doctoral research

“Gauging the Gravity of the Situation: The Use and Abuse of Expertise in Estimating the Economic Costs of Brexit” (with Colin Hay), MaxPo Discussion Paper 21/3.
“Blue Mission Tracking: Real-Time Location of UN Peacekeepers” (with Walter Dorn), International Peacekeeping 22(5): 545-64, 2015.