Christoph Semken
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Climate change mitigation

The Marginal Impact of Emission Reductions: Estimates, Beliefs and Behavior, Job Market Paper
Optimal Green Retailing: Theory and Evidence (with Hunt Allcott, Tobias Gaugler, Amelie Michalke and Lennart Stein)
The not-so-marginal impact of marginal emission reductions on climate change outcomes (with Ben Marzeion, Tamma Carleton, Katja Frieler, Gerhard Krinner, Matti Kummu, Stefan Lange, Malte Meinshausen, Matthias Mengel, Dirk Notz, Aimee Slangen, Philip Thornton, Lila Warszawski, Karim Zantout and the FishMIP Team)
Vegetarian*ism: Evidence from 200 Million Home Deliveries (with Ruben Durante and Milan Quentel)
No Ethical Consumption in General Equilibrium? Evidence from the U.S. meat market (with Trevor Woolley)


Specification analysis for technology use and teenager well-being: statistical validity and a Bayesian proposal (with David Rossell), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C (Applied Statistics) 71 (5): 1330–55, 2022.

Pre-doctoral research

Gauging the Gravity of the Situation: The Use and Abuse of Expertise in Estimating the Economic Costs of Brexit (with Colin Hay), MaxPo Discussion Paper 21/3.
Blue Mission Tracking: Real-Time Location of UN Peacekeepers (with Walter Dorn), International Peacekeeping 22(5): 545-64, 2015.